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Review on the Yallop & Smith Memorial Exhibition by James Dignan Printed in the ODT 20/10/11

There is no denying that Ray Yallop and Des Smith were major Dunedin arts personalities.Patrons and collectors, their house overflowed with art from the Victorian to the modern, and the gatherings of artists that they hosted have passed into legend. Smith died in early 2009, followed a year later by his partner, and it is fair to say that with their deaths an era of Dunedin’s art scene ended. It is fitting that A Gallery has decided to host a memorial exhibition featuring an eclectic mix of work, much of it from the couple’s friends in Dunedin. More than 80 artists’ work has created a wall-to-wall art display, hung in traditional style cheek by jowl around the gallery space. The exhibition is unusual in two respects. Firstly, it is evolving, with more work arriving to be displayed as the exhibition proceeds. Secondly, the exhibited work – albeit mostly very fine work by diverse artists ranging from the respected and recognised to the little-known – is in some ways incidental. The gallery itself is the focus, with the exhibition deliberately mimicking the couple’s own living space, and as such, attempting to capture some of the spirit of the two art patrons. It is a memorial I am sure they would have appreciated.

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Photographs From the Yallop & Smith Installation


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The Yallop & Smith Memorial Exhibition

You are invited to the Sunday Afternoon Soirée on the 30th of October 2011  Twelve till Four at a gallery 393 Princes Street Dunedin

Drinks will be Provided Please bring a Plate

And remember to Sign the Book.

The Yallop & Smith Memorial Exhibition is based on the enduring concept of friendship and community and a chance remember and celebrate the lives of two good friends Ray Yallop and Des Smith. The Exhibition is an on going salon installation in the style of the Yallop & Smith Residence that was in Grant Street, Dunedin, New Zealand. Cluttered artworks of all kinds would vanish into a tapestry of colour, under an endless sea of style, medium and form. The collection represented an endless expanding community of artists that would meet at ‘Des and Ray’s Place’ at least once a year for unveilings of new works, birthday celebrations and even a wedding. It was a place that felt like home, where all were always welcome, and accepted for who they were.

The exhibition includes artwork by those that knew Des and Ray and those that possibly would have. Philip James Frost, Anna Muirhead, Adian Howse, Alannah Brown, Gary McMillan, Ruth Cleland, Deborah Barton, Bridget Inder, Andrew Ross, Craig Freeborn, Allan Ibell, Sharon Singer, Jay Hutchinson, Kate Belton, Anita DeSoto, Ant Scarer, Morgan Oliver, Michael Morley, Alexandra Kennedy, Donna Demente, Simon Attwooll, Annemieke Ytsma Merrin Sinclaire, L.S.D Fundraiser, Desmond Smith, Danny Brisbane, April Dolkar, Julia Loach, Sam Foley, Heather Straka, James Dignan, Sam Ovens, D. Herkes, Anya Sinclair, Daniel Roberts, Rochelle Hutchinson, Joy Kent, Dyana Gray, Rachel Taylor, Christian McNab, Ali Bramwell, DDD CC XO, Charlotte Parallel, Hamish Kilgour, Franky Strachan, Daniel Mead, Gareth Perks, Kerry Anne Lee, Cathy Helps, Mathew Gillies, Nathan Thompson, Unit, Georgina May Young, Jules Oblivion, Bryn Corkery, Aroha Anezka Novak, CC, Miss Cherry Pie, Victoria Bell, Millie Leckie, Lynda Cullen, Albrecht Dürer, Lorna Watkins-Dooley, Katya Gunn, Elizabeth Manson, Claire Ranui Thomas Lord, Justin Spiers etc.


Ray Yallop 1934-2010

Des Smith 1920-2009

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