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On the way to work

An exhibition of new hand stitched works by Jay Hutchinson based on debris and pieces of trash he collected on his way to work. Discarded pieces of rubbish are photographed and printed onto silk and hand stitched.


The exhibition opens on Friday the 8th of March at 5:00pm at Olga Gallery, 32 Moray Place, Dunedin and will run until March 26, 2019


Thanks to New New New Corporation for generously suppling the exhibition opening with their awesome product


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A. Caldwell, A Recipe Book (an a gallery presents limited publication)

Allan Caldwell kept a small black note-book with recipes collected during his professional life as a baker for Ernest Adams. It was discovered by Julia Loach (Allan’s great-granddaughter) and her husband Jay Hutchinson in 2018 inside a box in the shed of the house Jules grew up in. Inside the recipe book were also included hundreds of clippings of letters and other correspondences to newspapers which Allan painstakingly collected after publication.
Clippings, pages and page-spreads were photographed by Jay for A Gallery Presents. Some attempt has been made to give thematic order to the letters and they are reproduced here along with page spreads from the recipe book.
copies of the book are available from agallerypresents@gmail.com for $35 including postage (within in New Zealand)


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A. Caldwell, a Recipe Book (an a gallery presents limited publication)

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