The LAST OFFICIAL EXHIBITION at a gallery Dunedin. From 5:30pm on
Thursday the 20th of September a  gallery presents ‘Le Chaise Du
Baise’ (The FUCKCHAIRS) latest exhibition. Le Chasise Du Baise last
exhibition/performance was at the High Street Project in Christchurch
on the 3rd of September 2010. Later that evening the space was
destroyed in Christchurch’s first major earthquake. Expect noise and
smoke as the dust refuses to settle . Echo’s of warzones, videogame
landscapes, beauty and destruction…

…Then at 7:30pm LAST DAYS closing Party FEATURING Le Chaise Du
Baise, Wolfskull, Bad Evil, The Vamps, The Un-Cut Blanks, Mr Sam
Ovens, The Illusive Mr Invisible and myself (Jay Hutchinson)

a gallery was always a two year project, and the exhibitions were
programed accordingly. From the first exhibition WE WILL ALL BURN IN
HELL to the FUCKCHAIRS (Le Chaise Du Baise) a gallery was conceived to
show Dunedin artists that I both I respected and admired. Also to
develop my own curatorial practise showcasing local artists that
otherwise would have nowhere else to show.  All projects have to come
to an end, I would like to thank all of those that have supported a
gallery over the past two years. I have accepted a position at the
Dowse Art Museum in Lower Hutt…possibly another project in the
works, most definitely a publication…thanks

Jay Hutchinson


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Conceived as a two-year project, ‘a gallery’ opened in February 2011 at 393 Princes Street, Dunedin and closed in September 2012. Strategically placed south of the center of town nestled between tattoo studios, sex shops and a needle exchange. What was integral in the selection of the gallery space was that it would be able to be viewed from the street through the street level floor to ceiling windows. This would allow the artists showing to be exposed not only to viewers visiting the gallery, but also those walking past, as a gallery was to represent artists that did not fit within the commercial gallery context or the so called experimental project space’s, this would be the best way to expose a particular group of artists selected by gallery curator/manager Jay Hutchinson, artists he respected and admired and felt were not being represented in the gallery scene at the time.

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