Escape From New York opening 5:00pm 2/4/21 Olga Gallery

In late 2019 two Auckland based photographers and a Dunedin based sculptor travelled to New York. What they didn’t realise at the time, was that within mere months the world would be ‘locked down’ due to a global pandemic. This exhibition showcases a snapshot of the artists time spent in a country that many of us no longer have access to.

Petra Leary is an Auckland based photographer. She has an innate design sensibility, reflected in her unique process all the way from conception to post-production. An intrepid world traveller often hunting out unusual landscapes, manipulating and accentuating colours in post-production to create her final work.

Jay Hutchinson is a Dunedin based artist who works with textiles. His practice follows a pychogeographical model where he recreates found structures and objects with fabric and thread. His work explores urban erosion and the waste and decay of capitalism.

Tim Deynzer (Tim D) is an Auckland based photographer. Driven by an obsession with capturing the perfect moment on film, his practice is based on documenting endless changing urban environments and the characters within them.


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Conceived as a two-year project, ‘a gallery’ opened in February 2011 at 393 Princes Street, Dunedin and closed in September 2012. Strategically placed south of the center of town nestled between tattoo studios, sex shops and a needle exchange. What was integral in the selection of the gallery space was that it would be able to be viewed from the street through the street level floor to ceiling windows. This would allow the artists showing to be exposed not only to viewers visiting the gallery, but also those walking past, as a gallery was to represent artists that did not fit within the commercial gallery context or the so called experimental project space’s, this would be the best way to expose a particular group of artists selected by gallery curator/manager Jay Hutchinson, artists he respected and admired and felt were not being represented in the gallery scene at the time.

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